Catalyst Foundation is committed to influence key people in compelling organizations through leadership relationships so their dreams become action and they and their communities are transformed

Through the awarding of grants and scholarships, mentoring of leaders, and providing leadership training to schools and nonprofit groups we are seeking to advance leadership that is creative, committed, compatible and compelling.

We believe in:

Stewardship: Generous and careful allocation of our time, abilities, experience, energy, and resources.

Strategy: Working intentionally toward our dreams with thoughtful process and effective teamwork.

Learning: Continuous development of Character, Competence, and Context for lasting influence.

Creativity: Our capability is multiplied by our involvement with new ideas and perspectives.

Sustainability: Fostering progressive action towards dignified interdependence.

Synergy: Trusted relationships accelerate change and magnify meaningful outcomes.

Engagement: Active, motivated involvement of discretionary time, resources, and energy.

Impact: Results matter outcomes are the meaningful measure of any organization.

Community: Those we connect with locally, nationally, and beyond keep us both grounded and soaring.

Dreams are powerful; action makes them possible!