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Posted on Monday, 29th August 2011 by chris wignall

I really like the idea of Management By Wandering Around popularized by Tom Peters. Recently I think I’ve stumbled across a corollary to that theory where I consult with leaders by going out with them for a run or walk. My friend Sven Walther coined the term “runsulting” to describe it. Much more than merely […]


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Posted on Monday, 22nd August 2011 by chris wignall

About ten minutes ago the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation released this statement: NDP Leader Jack Layton has died at age 61 after a long battle with cancer, CBC News has learned. Layton died at his home in Toronto early Monday, surrounded by family, according to a statement from his wife, Olivia Chow, and his children, Sarah […]


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Posted on Tuesday, 16th August 2011 by chris wignall

Be warned, this may be more of a rant than a well balanced post. I’m frustrated by the number of leaders who are ending their marriages or in marriages that are deeply struggling. I’m not a sociologist or registered counsellor and I haven’t done a statistical analysis to determine if there’s really a trend to […]


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Posted on Tuesday, 9th August 2011 by chris wignall

As I’ve been becoming more educated in the field of global relief and development I’ve started to form some reasonably strong opinions. The strongest is that I don’t know enough to support my strong opinions. I have become convinced by reading, site visits, and conversations with trusted, experienced professionals that effective long term improvement in […]


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Posted on Monday, 8th August 2011 by chris wignall

If wordpress is correct, this is my 200th post on this blog. My hope is that somewhere along the way there has been some value in it for those who read here, I know there has been value for me in the process of writing. Today, a glimpse behind the curtain. As Catalyst has grown […]


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