EduDeo Ministries benefited greatly from the partnership with the Catalyst Foundation.  Not only did they provide funding for leadership and organizational development, but, more importantly, they walked along side us for three years.  Chris was open to anything that would see us thrive.  This included one-on-one meetings with our Executive Director, speaking to our staff at retreats and advice over the phone in moments of crisis. Chris, and the entire Catalyst team, create an environment where charities can be open and honest with their faults, struggles and challenges.  It was a unique and extremely rewarding donor experience.

-Hank de Jong, EduDeo Ministries

An Intensive Commitment to Healthy Leaders and a Healthy Organization

We are looking for 6-8 charities ready to commit to taking a leadership journey together.

It will be demanding.

It will be complex.

It will expose some issues.

And it will result in greater impact towards your goals.

If this sounds like a timely opportunity for your charity we want to hear from you.

An IDEAL Partner:

  • is a registered charity based in Southern Ontario and able to attend all sessions in Oakville/Mississauga area
  • is small or mid-sized (5-30 full time equivalent employees or key volunteers)
  • may or may not be a faith-based organization
  • is not anticipating significant leadership changes for at least 3-5 years
  • is not in a current state of financial or organizational crisis
  • has the capacity to commit to an intensive leadership program
  • brings both an eagerness to learn and a willingness to share insights and experiences

Sounds like you?

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Still sounds good?

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