Posted on Thursday, 28th April 2011 by chris wignall

My friend and colleague Mark Petersen posted some of his thoughts on partnership based largely on what he’s noticed while working on our shared Stronger Together 2011 project.

Earlier this year we hosted a small conference for charities we work with called Gather. (Some of my thoughts on the event can be found here). The highlight of the event for me was having a series of what we called “Firehose” presentations on the first morning. Inviting some of the most insightful thinkers and effective communicators in our network to give us 20 minutes on key topics was excellent.

Clayton Rowe from World Vision’s Canadian Programs department spoke on how to have productive partnerships between organizations. He brings both extensive experience and a rigorously established strategic approach to the topic. He also demonstrated he kind of pedagogical presentation style that their outstanding Freeform program has become known for.

You can watch Clayton’s presentation here:

Clayton Rowe: Power and Peril of Partnership

I have to admit I generally don’t follow through on the degree of negotiation up front that Clayton advocates, but there have been at least a couple key situations that would have been much better if I had.


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